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This was my entry into Global Game Jam 2016 and my most complete and polished project to date. The theme for that jam was the word "ritual." That immediately made me think of a person's morning ritual so I decided to make a game that invoked the feeling of waking up in the morning. You avoid rain droplets until the sun rises.

I built this one in LÖVE.

My favorite thing about this game was the accidential difficult ramp-up I discovered while playtesting. Because the rain drops are just a little darker than the sky a full brightness, there is a brief period where they are the same color as the sky while the sun is rising. This causes them to disappear against the sky, which halves the amount of time the player has to react to them.

Install instructions

If you're not on Windows, download the ".love" file and download the appropriate 0.10.2 version of LOVE from here in order to run the game.


Glorious-Morning_3.love 3 MB
Glorious-Morning_3_Win_x64.zip 5 MB
Glorious-Morning_3_Win_x86.zip 5 MB

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