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In the spirit of "throwback," your ship cannot fire bullets on its own. The blue ship is you. Use the arrow keys to move around. The grey box is your "tractor field" that will grab the green bullets for you. Press Z to fire all your grabbed bullets in a line. Press X to fire all your grabbed bullets in a spreading wave. Press C to fire all your bullets in a small bomb that explodes when it hits an enemy. Press V to turn your bullets into a protective force field. The blue boxes at the bottom of the screen are your health. You'll also see your stored ammo at the bottom of the screen as green bullets. Press Escape to quit and Enter/Return to pause.

The game also provides controller support. Use the d-pad to move and the face buttons to fire. Press Select/Back to quit and Start to pause.

Install instructions

If you're not on Windows, download the ".love" file and download the appropriate 0.10.2 version of LOVE from here in order to run the game.


Game-Off-2017_Win_x86.zip 24 MB
Game-Off-2017_Win_x64.zip 24 MB
Game-Off-2017.love 21 MB

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