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My entry for Movie Game Jam 2018. It was inspired by this scene from Jaws, where the fishermen capture a tiger shark and celebrate like they caught the great white that's been menacing them the entire movie. Of course, they didn't catch the great white...because they're knuckleheads.

You are Jaws, the great white shark that's made the ocean off of Amity Island your home. You are also hungry, and Amity is offering up a hot lunch of swimmers. But the populace will tend to notice when its swimmers go missing, especially if they leave behind a really large and noticeable cloud of blood in the water. You must eat to survive, but you will inevitably attract the attention of the island's hunting boats. When you do, your only way out is to give them what they want. Swimming in the water with you are other small (but still dangerous) sharks. You must lure the other sharks towards your fresh kills so that the hunting boats will pick them up and think they've caught you, freeing you to continue feasting on hapless swimmers.

Use the arrow keys to swim around. Press Z when within range of a swimmer to kill them and hold Z to eat on the remains while they're still fresh.

This game also includes controller support. Use the dpad or joystick to move and the A button to kill/eat.

Install instructions

If you're not on Windows, download the ".love" file and download the appropriate 0.10.2 version of LOVE from here in order to run the game.


Eating-Machine_1.2.love 600 kB
Eating-Machine_1.2_Win_x64.zip 3 MB
Eating-Machine_1.2_Win_x86.zip 3 MB

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